19th Birthday


I must admit that this post is a little bit overdue considering my birthday was on the 5th of December, but this is the first time in a long time that I've had some proper time to myself. 

Anyway, I'm finally 19!! My last teenage year has begun and I'm not too sure how I feel about this; slightly excited, slightly scared to be honest. So this year for my birthday I decided to have a little party with a few of my closest friends. During winter it's hard to keep in contact with everyone on a regular basis, so it was nice to see all my friends in the same place for once! It gave me time to catch up with lots of people that I don't see as often as I wish to, and it's always lovely to be surrounded with people you love :)

My amazing, extremely patient and talented mother baked me loads of cupcakes and a cake (which looked AND tasted incredible), and also made me lots of little snacks for the night. It was honestly the perfect night for me. Very small and simple, but just the right amount of everything. I don't know about you guys, but I much prefer being around a small group of people and just talk and laugh together than throwing a massive party with loads of people that I'm not very close to.

Oh and this may be slightly boring, but I also got lots of lovely gifts from both my friends and family. My mother gave me a Swarovski mother bear (for those of you that actually care, I collect Swarovski animals, and there is a Limited Edition set of a mother, brother, and sister bear.. and now I have all three!). My brother bought me the Taylor Swift 1989 album which I am currently obsessed with. My boyfriend's parents and two of my closest friends got me two Pandora charms (an adorable cupcake and a cute present with pink stripes). My two best friends bought me this amazing frame where they put in old and recent photos of us three together, which I honestly love SO MUCH because these things are so special and bring back so many memories. I also got a few cool and quirky room decorations, including a gorgeous cushion with a quote on it, and another printed out quote that you hang on your wall. And last but not least, my boyfriend who knows me oh so well bought me this amazing necklace with an antique-looking pendant that says "Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning" (shoutout to any Peter Pan fans), and a hoodie that says "We're all mad here" on it too! I was basically in Disney heaven (HELLO DISNEY LOVERS).


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