Edinburgh | Family Trip


This year my brother and his girlfriend moved to Scotland as they're both studying at the University of Edinburgh. They're going to be living there for a year until they complete their course, and a few weeks ago I went up to Edinburgh to visit them along with my dad, his girlfriend, and my cousin Amy :)

I've never been to Scotland before but I've always wanted to go. I just love these kind of places which are full of beautiful views and culture, and the people are all so lovely too. The whole trip was honestly incredible. We didn't do much apart from shop, eat, and walk around, but I completely fell in love with this place. I'm actually so jealous of my brother and his girlfriend for getting the opportunity to live there! 

We ate SO MUCH good food which made the whole trip a million times better, obviously. One day we even went to a cute little tea shop for breakfast and everything was served so perfectly. The walk to my brother's flat was one of my favourite parts too. It was a 15 minute walk where all I did was look around and smile at everything I see. I honestly don't know how I can explain the extent of how much I love Edinburgh.

I'm hoping to go visit them again soon, and I literally can't wait. I'm so excited for a trip that hasn't even been planned yet and I feel so silly. But who cares.


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