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Over the past few weeks I've got my hands on a couple of products from MAC so I thought I'd share them with you. Ever since I started being more interested in makeup MAC has been one of my favourite brands, especially when it comes to lipsticks (obviously). So every time I have the opportunity to buy something from MAC, it's usually a lipstick. However this month I decided to try something new and buy a lipliner, a foundation and also a highlighter since I had heard many good things about them too.

But let's start off with the lipsticks. So even though I always have a list of the top lipsticks I want to buy, whenever I actually get to the store I never stick to my list and always end up picking up random ones anyway. I think it's probably because I get so lost in the beauty of all the lipstick colours that would be in front of me; is this just me? Anyway, when I was in Turkey I picked up three new lipsticks which are Viva Glam I, Brick-o-la and Craving. 

Viva Glam I is part of the Viva Glam collection and I'm completely in love with its packaging which is red and black. It's simple but it stands out and I love that. The one I chose is a gorgeous red which I actually saw on my friend and immediately knew I had to get hold of it. It's matte but it's not too dry like some of MAC's matte lipsticks tend to be. I haven't actually used this one yet but I must say that I'm quite excited to try it out.

Brick-o-la is actually an amplified lipstick which is the first for my collection. I had never tried any amplified lipsticks before but now that I have, I can say that they're pretty amazing. I tend to have quite dry lips so as much as I love the matte lipsticks they can sometimes be a bit too dry for me. However I'm not a big fan of lipsticks that look 'glossy' so I was quite worried that Brick-o-la would disappoint me in this aspect. I was completely wrong though because it looks just perfect when applied and doesn't dry out my lips at all. I had never heard of this colour before which is quite surprising because it is absolutely incredible. I actually got a few compliments when I wore it too. It's perfect for a casual look during the day and it can also look great for a night out. This is definitely going to be one of my most used lipsticks.

Craving is yet another amplified lipstick that I picked up. The texture is pretty similar to Brick-o-la; very moisturizing yet very long lasting. Craving is a more pink-purple shade although it's very subtle. I think the colour is gorgeous but to be honest I thought it would suit me more than it does. I haven't tried it with a full makeup look yet so maybe that will make a difference. Don't get me wrong, it still looks good and I'm sure I'll make it work somehow.

(from left to right: Viva Glam I, Brick-o-la, Craving)

While we're on the topic of lips, the next thing I picked up was the lipliner in the colour Brick. I never actually use lipliner which I know for most people is considered a makeup sin. So I really wanted to buy one and use it as often as possible. I decided to go for a red shade because I find it much harder to apply darker shaded lipsticks rather than nude lipsticks. And this colour should be good to use with most of my darker lipsticks. I had never looked up anything about MAC's lipliners so I literally just picked out which one I thought looked the best. Again, I haven't used this yet but I'm sure it's going to make a huge difference once I do.

Next up is a product that I've actually been wanting for quite a long time now, and it is the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. Considering the fact that there are no MAC stores in my country and my dad bought me this product while he was abroad, it was honestly a nightmare trying to figure out what shade of foundation is right for me. After a long time trying to make a decision I decided to go for the shade NW13 and thankfully it is the perfect colour for me. It looks a bit too pale for me when I apply it on my brush, but as soon as I blend it in it matches perfectly with my skin tone. I've heard many people speak highly about this foundation before and it really is a great product. You don't have to use much of it for a full cover up so it will surely last you a long time. It also does not feel sticky at all which is very important for me when it comes to foundation since the weather is always very hot and humid where I live. Overall it has a very good coverage and I'm surely going to be buying more of this in the future.

Last but not least is possibly the prettiest product I own which is the Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade. I've been wanting a good highlighter for a long time and I was torn between buying this or MAC's Soft and Gentle. It seemed as though Soft and Gentle was the one that everyone was raving about while I didn't see much about Lightscapade. However I read a lot of reviews online and saw that Lightscapade tends to be better for pale skin and I decided to take a chance on it, and it was the right choice. Personally I prefer highlighters which don't include a lot of glitter and that tends to be slightly hard to find. Although lightscapade does contain a certain shimmer it is very subtle and helps to give off a very healthy and fresh look. The colours of the product include blue, pink, orange and yellow tones, however once you apply the product onto your skin it does in fact look like a creamy white (as shown in the last photo). I have yet to find the right brush to apply this with so if you have any tips please let me know!

This week I found out that they are finally opening a MAC store in my country and I'm extremely excited! So you will probably be seeing a lot more posts about MAC products in the near future. You could let me know in the comments what your favourite MAC product is, I always love hearing about new ones!


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