May Favourites


For some reason I never make posts about my monthly favourites, which is strange because I love reading or watching videos about other people's favourites. So I've decided to include a mixture of beauty and also some random things cause that's actually the part I enjoy writing about the most haha.

Starting off with beauty, I've been loving three things this month that I have actually had for quite a while now. However I rediscovered them and fell in love all over again. Firstly is the Bourjois Blusher in the shade 74 Rose Amber. I never really use blusher to be honest, I'm more of a bronzer girl. I don't really know why because I'm very fair and blush tends to suit my skin pretty well, but I was never a massive blusher fan. A few weeks ago I had a ballet show with the Royal Moscow Ballet and when I was applying my make up I decided to add on some blusher since stage makeup has to be quite intense. So I used my Bourjois Blush and absolutely fell in love with the way it looked! Since then I've actually started using blusher more often and this particular shade is gorgeous. It's quite dark and pigmented so I can't apply too much, and I usually tend to use it in the evenings rather than mornings.

My next obsession this month has been my KIKO Lipstick Unlimited Stylo in the shade 13. I remember seeing my friend wearing this lipstick and thinking it looked amazing, so I just went out and bought it and it was probably one of the best decisions I ever made. I don't remember exactly how much it was but it was quite cheap. It's extremely moisturizing once you apply it, but then it gives a matte finish and looks incredible. It's also very long lasting, and  I'm just obsessed with the colour. I think it's perfect for any time of day and any occasion. It has definitely been my go-to nude lipstick this month and I don't think I'm going to stop using it any time soon.

And last but not least in the beauty department is the Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint and Precision Shaping Pencil in the shade Love Is Blonde. Again, I've had this for a few months now and I think I had only used it about once. Recently I started using it on a daily basis and I'm so obsessed with it (by the way I use the crayon side of it). I think that it's the perfect colour for my eyebrows and it's just so easy to use. I always find it hard to properly fill in one of my eyebrows because I have a scar on it which is basically a hairless patch, but this product covers it up so easily and flawlessly.

That's all of the beauty products I've been loving this month. Actually I've been loving loads more but I tried my best to narrow it down to the top three. And the first thing I'm gonna mention that I've basically been loving in my everyday life is actually a music favourite, and this is none other than Shawn Mendes. Now anyone who reads this is probably thinking "About time". Yes, I know. I've actually heard of him before so many times and I knew that lots of people were obsessed with him but for some reason I just never bothered to check out any of his songs. Until now. One day I just randomly typed in his name on Spotify and put all his songs on shuffle and to be honest they were on repeat for the whole week. I have literally fallen in love with his music. I think his voice is insane and there isn't one song of his that I don't like. Also, he's only 16 years old?!! So talented.

Next is a Youtuber/Blogger favourite (technically favourites) and they are Lucy and Lydia. They're British twins who mostly make videos about beauty and fashion, and they have a really cute blog too! I found out about these two by seeing them in one of Gabby's (velvetgh0st) vlogs and I just fell in love with them immediately. The best way I can explain their character is that they basically just constantly give off happy and positive vibes. I literally spent days watching their videos and they just automatically cheer me up and make me laugh. They're just the sweetest human beings ever and I really hope I'll get the chance to meet them one day. You can find their Youtube channel here and their blog here :)

Finally, my last favourite of this month is a new series called Daredevil. My brother actually recommended this because he thinks it's the greatest thing in the entire universe, so my boyfriend and I thought we would start it together. Honestly I wasn't too excited to start it cause I thought it would be too gory for me (I'm not too keen on fighting scenes and blood in general) but it is honestly SO GOOD. It's a series by Marvel so I guess it's obviously gonna be amazing. Currently, there's only one season since it only started recently. I actually have one episode left to watch and I'm torn between wanting to watch it and not wanting to finish the season (and wait till 2016 for season 2). Oh, first world problems.

I hope you enjoyed me rambling on about things I've loved this month. I'm going to try and do more of these monthly favourites posts because I just enjoy them so much. Let me know what you've been loving this month, and I'll see you soon.


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