England | Sheffield


Last month I was lucky enough to experience one of the best trips of my life, alongside my best friend. Last December we bought tickets to go watch One Direction perform in Sheffield on the 29th October 2015. This was obviously the highlight of the holiday but I was really excited to visit both Sheffield and Brighton too. We decided to spend two nights in Sheffield, and travel to Brighton the day after the concert to spend another two nights there.

We flew to London, so travelling to Sheffield was quite a struggle; especially since we're not used to catching any trains back at home. We basically spent about 8 hours travelling from 7am, which was obviously quite exhausting. However that didn't stop us from heading straight to the Meadowhall shopping mall as soon as we arrived. 

All the things I was fascinated by are probably things that most people encounter on a daily basis, but for me everything was completely different than what I'm used to. Firstly, I now understand why so many people are obsessed with Autumn. In my country Autumn doesn't really exist; we just have really sunny days and every now and then there's a bad rainy day. So the first thing I noticed once we arrived in Sheffield was how cold it was, and all the pretty leaves, and basically just that feeling of Autumn which I completely fell in love with.

I was also really impressed with the Meadowhall shopping centre, which is huge. Again, we don't have 75% of those shops or restaurants in Malta so it's always a bit hard to control yourself from buying everything you lay your eyes on. We chose to walk from our hotel to the shopping centre as it wasn't too far away, and it was just a really lovely walk to be honest.

Needless to say, the One Direction concert was beyond incredible; but I will be uploading another post dedicated to the whole concert. I'll also be uploading another post about the time we spent in Brighton (which by the way, is absolutely beautiful). 


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