Edinburgh | Christmas Time


Last month my brother graduated from his Masters degree at the University of Edinburgh, so my family and I went up there for a few days for his graduation ceremony. I've been to Edinburgh quite a few times in the past year, but I had never been there in Christmas time before. I LOVE Christmas but I usually find it quite hard to get into the festive spirit when I'm at home since it's still really hot and sunny outside! So naturally I was super excited to visit Edinburgh at this time of year and it did actually put me in the Christmas spirit.

This was mainly thanks to the massive Christmas market that is found right across all of the shops on the main street. There was everything from a Ferris wheel to an ice skating rink, and everything looked absolutely beautiful. All the stalls in the market had such cute things and if I could I would have probably bought something from each one. Obviously I did not do that haha, but I did buy a few little gifts for some people back at home.

On our last night in Edinburgh we went round the Christmas market all together, and ate a few things from there as well. It was ridiculously cold and it rained a bit too but it didn't make the experience any less wonderful. I also had a waffle with Nutella and strawberries which was probably one of the greatest things I've ever tasted in my life (not even exaggerating).

The Christmas market and all of the other Christmas decorations made the whole trip so much more special. It really helped to make me happy and excited for Christmas even though it doesn't feel as festive here in Malta. My mum and I already agreed that we would love to visit Edinburgh at the same time again next year, so hopefully it won't be long until I'm back there!


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