Secret Santa Gift Ideas


One of my favourite things to do during Christmas time is organising Secret Santa with my friends. We usually do this every year and I think it's a great idea because everyone gets a gift and no one ends up broke! As we get older, we all get busier and don't meet up with some people as much as we would like to. So it's also a nice event which allows you and your friends to get together.

The first thing I bought was the 'Golden Wonder' box from Lush. This includes the Golden Wonder bath bomb and the Star Dust bath bomb. I've never tried either of these bath bombs but they did smell amazing, and Lush never really disappoints. I think the Lush boxes are perfect gifts as they aren't expensive, and they come in really pretty wrapping too! We don't have Lush shops in my country so I thought it would be an even nicer gift for my friend since she can't buy them whenever she wants.

The other two things I got her are both from Primark. First I picked out a plain rose gold necklace which I thought was really pretty. I think jewellery is always a good present cause you can never really have enough, can you? I also picked up a woolen headband from Primark because my friend is going to be abroad for New Year's Eve and I knew she wanted one since it's going to be quite cold.

None of these gifts are anything ridiculously expensive but I would personally love to receive something like this for Christmas. Even though these gifts are quite ordinary and you could give them to almost anyone, I felt like she would enjoy them a lot more because they are things that she wanted and that she's mentioned before. So I think it's always important to be a bit more thoughtful when it comes to buying gifts, which is obviously much easier when it's a good friend of yours. I hope these gift ideas will be helpful to some of you, and I'd love to hear some of your ideas too!


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