Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette


Too Faced is definitely one of my favourite brands when it comes to eye shadow palettes. I love everything about them: the packaging, the variety of colours, the quality and even the pigmentation. I've been wanting the Chocolate Bar palette ever since I laid eyes on it. I had decided to treat myself to it when I was in Scotland, however it was out of stock and I'm not gonna lie, my heart broke a little. Then my boyfriend was kind enough to buy it for me for Christmas, and I am nothing short of impressed by it.

Starting off with the packaging; I mean, what more could you ask for? It's literally a chocolate bar. And, wait for it, it smells like chocolate. As soon as you open the palette, a whiff of chocolate fills the air and it is honestly the best thing ever. And let's not forget the names of all the eye shadow shades; white chocolate, hazelnut, triple fudge? Yes please.

I always find myself reaching for nude palettes, so I wanted to try something different for once. I didn't want to try anything crazy and get a palette with lots of bright colours cause I know that I would barely ever use it. However the Chocolate Bar contains a variation of both warm and cool toned shades which aren't too daring. 

The palette contains ten shimmery shades and six matte shades, which I think is quite a good balance. I tend to reach for the shimmery shades more often, however I have been trying to use more matte shades recently. I haven't actually had the chance to try out many of the shades yet, but I am extremely excited to play around with it and get a bit creative. The shades I'm most eager to try out are candied violet, black forest truffle, and amaretto, simply because they are very different to what I usually wear.

The palette is $49 from the Too Faced website, so you will probably find it at more or less the same price from other places. I got mine from the website 'Beauty Bay' because not many other sites deliver to Malta. It might seem expensive but I would say that it's definitely worth the money, especially if you don't mind spending a bit more on makeup. I find that every single one of the colours is very pigmented and they blend together so naturally. They are also very long lasting and my eye shadow remains perfect even after several hours. 

I'm pretty sure that this is going to become my favourite palette (right now it's the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette) and I would definitely recommend it. Let me know what you think of this palette if you have it, and which of the shades are your favourite. I'd love to hear any other palette recommendations for the future too!


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