Ireland | A Week in Dublin


Dublin has always been one of my favourite places in the world. This is the third time that I have been there and every time I go I learn to appreciate its beauty even more. My best friend and I travelled to Dublin because we had tickets to go see my favourite band - 5 Seconds of Summer - live in concert. We decided to spend almost a whole week there so we could experience Dublin to the full.

We visited places such as the Leprechaun Museum and the Guinness Experience which were both so interesting and so much fun. We obviously shopped.. a lot. I was actually amazed at myself for not buying much makeup, however I did go a bit crazy in Forever 21 (best shop ever). We also met up with a friend of ours who lives there which was great because we got to catch up with him and he also showed us a few places which we had never even heard of! The food was amazing everywhere we went, and the Irish people are all so nice! However, I think my favourite thing about Dublin is just walking around the city - across the bridge and around all the traditional bars, hearing live Irish music playing from almost every corner - it's something so simple yet so amazing.

It was very cold, it literally hailed on one day. We did get lucky in the last two days as the sun actually came out and the weather was actually quite nice! Although I am used to very hot and sunny Maltese weather, so I always freeze when I go to countries like this. But we just wrapped ourselves up in warm clothes and we were fine!


I had never been to Dublin on my own before, so this time I actually had to figure out where we were going and pay a lot of attention to certain details that I never took notice of before. Going abroad without someone to guide you may be difficult, but it is definitely a great experience. I always tell people that Dublin is a place that you must visit one time or another. I think it's a mixture of the buildings, the environment, the people and the atmosphere in general that makes me love it so much.


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