Erasmus Travels | Birmingham


Seeing as Birmingham is only a ten minute train away from Coventry, my friend and I thought we should spend a day there. We got on the train quite early in the morning so we would have lots of time to go round the city without being rushed.

The first place we went to was Cadbury World as we had both heard so many great stuff about it; and I mean, who wouldn't want to spend the day surrounded by chocolate? It was actually so interesting to see and also so much fun. I think it's perfect for literally anyone no matter what age you are. We also got lots of free chocolate so that was a lovely bonus!! I loved the fact that the whole area in which Cadbury World is found has bits and pieces painted purple, from as soon as you get off the train! I thought that was such a cute touch and made the whole environment so much better.

We then headed to the BullRing shopping centre (which I had no idea was so huge) and had lunch at Jamie's Italian which obviously is never a bad idea. We went round a few shops and tried our best not to spend all our money, until we finally decided to head back home. 

It was such a lovely, relaxed day and I definitely want to visit Birmingham a few more times before I head back home for good. From what I saw, it seems like quite a nice city, and the face that it's so close to where I live at the moment gives me all the more reason to visit!


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