Erasmus Travels | Dublin


Fun fact about me: out of all the places I've visited until now, Dublin is by far my absolute favourite city. I've been there four times till now and I'm going again next summer which I'm already super excited about! So when the opportunity came to spend the weekend in Dublin, I obviously jumped on it. I mean, catching up with one of my best friends, seeing Bastille live, my favourite city - how could I say no?

We went to watch Bastille live at the 3 Arena which was beyond incredible. Both my friend and I already saw Bastille live earlier this year but they were so good that we just couldn't resist going to see them again. It was truly an amazing concert, they are so talented and Dan's voice is ridiculously perfect in my opinion. We were really close to the stage too which is always a good thing (especially since I'm literally 5"2.) If you ever get the opportunity to see them - do not think twice about it.

I enjoyed this trip because it was completely different to the other times I've visited Dublin. It was much less of a touristic visit. We spent most of our time in cute cafes and simply walking around admiring the beauty of the city. Since our friend lives there, he obviously knows the city well and took us to some of the best places. We only spent two days there but they were extremely relaxed and served as a short break from our normal daily lives. 


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