London | Summertime Ball 2014


So I'm back with another London post, this time focusing on the concert only though :) As I said in my previous post, this concert was a very big deal for me since I had never seen so many artists perform live and never actually been to a proper concert AND never been to any stadiums where I was surrounded by thousands of people. So yeah, I was very excited and actually slightly overwhelmed as soon as I stepped into Wembley Stadium. 

My friend and I had the General Entrance tickets so we weren't at the very front, however we did get to the front of our section which was amazing! Although I felt like everyone was towering over me and felt even shorter than I usually do, I had a clear view of the stage and obviously a great view of the big screens too. Also, some artists were walking down to the front so they were right in front of my face. At these points I was usually screaming my lungs out or about to have a mini heart attack, or both.

This was the line up of the whole concert:
Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, Enrique Iglesias, Clean Bandit, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Rita Ora, Jessie J, Union J, Duke Dumont, Little Mix, Kiesza, Austin Mahone, Ella Henderson, Rixton, Iggy Azalea, The Vamps, Cheryl Cole, Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, Miley Cyrus, David Guetta.
(there was also meant to be Sam Smith but for some reason he wasn't there *cries*)

I had already seen a few of these artists before (mostly thanks to Isle Of Mtv) but that didn't change the fact that they were all so incredible and put on a mindblowing performance, every single one of them.

I don't have very clear photos as I was using my phone and was shaking 90% of the time but I'm gonna put them in anyway. I also don't have photos of everyone who performed since I was trying to save my phone's battery till the very end! Oh and the quality of the videos when I uploaded them got a lot worse and I don't know how to fix them :(

 I've actually seen Calvin Harris twice already as he came to perform in Malta these past two years, and I must say that he never ever disappoints. I've also seen Enrique twice before around 6 years ago when he came to Isle Of Mtv but I had never seen him so close up so I went crazy when he came next to us! I actually saw him perform again 4 days later at Isle Of Mtv, where I must say his performance was even better (if that's possible).

I feel like I should let you know that at that moment in time, I didn't know the line up in order and for some reason I thought that 5 Seconds Of Summer were coming on much later on, but I was wrong. Considering that I was most excited to see them out of all the artists because I'm a huge fan of theirs, when I saw them appear on the screen I almost started crying and my inner fangirl came out. Sadly, they only sang three songs, but they sang every single lyric perfectly and they were all outstandingly perfect and everything was just so perfect. Oh and Michael ran to the front at one point so he was about 2 metres away from me and I was shaking so much that I couldn't even get a good picture so I just gave up and stared at him. You may notice that I added more photos of them than everyone else, oh and a video too. I did this merely because I wanted to, sorry for having no other logical reason.

I also got the chance to see both Jessie J and Rita Ora last year at Isle Of Mtv but that didn't make their performances this year any less exciting. Jessie J's flawless voice and her down to earth and kind character just puts a massive smile on my face. And Rita Ora being sexy as hell with her dance moves never fails to impress me.

Fun fact: When Ella Henderson finished singing she exited by walking right in front of us and everyone had their hand out to touch her, and she grabbed my hand and squeezed it for like 5 seconds and looked me straight in the eye and smiled. It was intense guys.

Ed Sheeran - Lego House 
This was probably the most beautiful 3 minute experience of my life.

And without any doubt, Miley Cyrus stole the show and put on the most amazing performance I have ever witnessed. There were also loads of massive rubber duckies bouncing around the whole stadium which made me happy.

Overall, the whole concert was incredible. It was better than anything I ever imagined and I'm actually tempted to go again next year. Capital FM surely did an amazing job and obviously so did every one of the performers. I wasn't disappointed by anything or anyone at all and I just wish that I could go back and experience it all over again.


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