Pandora Bracelet


I've always loved the Pandora charm bracelets, and last December my mum bought it for me for my 18th birthday, along with a few charms to start off with. Since then I've been collecting more and more charms, and filling it up slowly :) I've gotten a few more charms as presents from other people too, which makes it even more personal. What I really love about them is that every single one of them has a special meaning, and reminds me of a particular person or memory.

The London Bus Charm

On my trip to London last June I decided that I wanted to buy a charm from every country that I visit. They would be a little treat to myself and also a little token of all the memories. So when I was in London I picked up this adorable London Bus charm. It was the one that immediately caught my eye, and I think the colours give the whole bracelet a nice touch.

The Heart Shaped Charm

This week I was out shopping with my mum, and she surprised me with another charm of theirs :) She wanted to buy me one for doing well in my A Levels and getting into University, and we both fell in love with this heart shaped charm. I think it's lovely cause it will always remind me of my mum and the fact that I actually achieved something haha. My mum also got the idea of buying me a different heart shaped charm on special occasions, so all the hearts I'll have on my bracelet would remind me of her. I think that's quite cute, and I'm really lucky to have such a great mama.


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