Summer Shopping | Bershka


Bershka has always been one of my favourite shops. It's very affordable, has good quality clothing, and I always manage to find something I like whenever I visit. A few weeks ago a new and bigger Bershka store opened, and its just five minutes away from my house so I obviously had to go and check it out. I'm currently trying to save up and not spend any money because I'm going abroad soon, but I just couldn't resist. I actually bought these items on two different days, so I guess I didn't feel as guilty haha.

The first time I went to the shop I picked up this bikini crop top. And yes, it IS a bikini top. I thought it was really pretty as soon as I saw it, but what won me over is the fact that it's a bikini top. I have a few pool/boat parties coming up and I honestly had no idea what I was going to wear, but this is just perfect. I think it would look amazing with high-waisted denim shorts and maybe a kimono on top. The one I got is in the size XS because the Small was a bit too loose. It has cups with swimsuit material underneath the first layer, but to be honest I'm kind of worried as to what will happen to the other material once it gets wet. Hopefully it doesn't wear out too quickly cause I plan on wearing this a lot.

I actually spotted these shorts the first time I visited the store, but I held back and decided not to buy them. However, the second time I went I saw them again and I caved. They're just too pretty. I've been wanting a pair of shorts similar to these for ages, and I don't like buying shorts online because I would want to try them on. These fit perfectly, although I did have to get them in a size Medium as the Small were tiny. I just love everything about them; from the black and white pattern which could match with practically anything, to the white detailing (which is probably my favourite part).

I'm not quite sure if I'm going to be wearing these two items together. At first glance they look like they would make the perfect outfit, however when I tried them on together there was something that I wasn't too keen on (and I have no idea what it is). Either way, I'm surely going to be wearing both of these to the upcoming parties this summer. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to be visiting Bershka a lot more in the next few months.


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