Isle Of MTV 2015


I was meant to post this about a month ago but I've just been soooo busy! And I was also abroad for almost two weeks so I haven't really had much time to myself. Anyway, in the first week of July here in Malta we had one of the biggest music events of the year which is Isle Of MTV. It has been taking place in Malta for about 9 years now and for the past 5 years my friends and I have somehow managed to get our hands on Front of Stage tickets which is insane!

This year was probably one of my favourite years - the artists were all incredible and there weren't as many people as the previous years so I actually had space to move and dance instead of being squashed between everyone! The artists that performed were Jason Derulo, Echosmith, Tori Kelly, OMI, and Martin Garrix. I had never seen any of these artists perform before and I was pretttyyy excited. Also, Jason Derulo, Martin Garrix and the lead singer of Echosmith all noticed me and my friends and had a little eye-contact moment with us which pretty much made my night.

In my opinion, Jason Derulo stole the show and both him and his dancers put on an amazing performance. I literally did not stop dancing and singing along throughout his whole set! I was also extremely excited for Echosmith cause I'm slightly obsessed with their latest single 'Bright', and they surely did not disappoint me. I had never really heard any of Tori Kelly's songs before but she left me speechless as soon as she started singing - her voice is flawless. OMI impressed me too and obviously his song 'Cheerleader' was just so much fun to hear live. Martin Garrix ended the show and had everyone non-stop jumping and dancing. It always amazes me that he's still so young and so talented, and already so successful!

Tori Kelly:



Jason Derulo:

Martin Garrix:



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