3 Year Anniversary


In August Jake and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary; we rented an apartment for the weekend and basically spent the whole time eating and watching movies. Neither of us are big fans of fancy dinners or anything like that, and the most important thing for us was that we were spending time together, so this was just perfect. 

The apartment was great; small and cosy and we even had an amazing view from our balcony. On the actual day of our anniversary, we drove up to a place called St. Agatha's Tower which was only about five minutes away from where we were staying. We chilled there for a while and watched the sunset (which according to Jake is pointless because you can't look at it without being completely blinded by the sun) (he has a point), but it was really peaceful and relaxing.

The whole weekend in general was so much fun. It goes to show that even the simplest of things can bring you lots of joy. It was definitely a nice getaway and a break from our busy lives, which is something that everyone needs every once in a while.


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