Scotland | Edinburgh Zoo


One of the last and most exciting places we visited while we were in Scotland was the Edinburgh Zoo. I cannot even begin to explain how much fun I had seeing every single animal there. I could easily sit and watch them all move around for hours. I'm a big animal lover so I'm impressed by anything they do and I find everything extremely adorable and fascinating. 

I was extremely disappointed that we couldn't see the giant panda though, especially since pandas are one of my favourite animals (I'm literally wearing a panda T-shirt while writing this). This was because they thought that the female might be pregnant so they wanted to keep her away from a lot of noise. However I did really respect the fact that they did that, and it goes to show how well they treat all their animals. 

One of the best parts of the day was definitely the Penguin Parade. They basically opened the gate and waited until a few penguins voluntarily came out. Then they walked with them around the people for a while and it was amazing seeing them so up close.

I would definitely give this zoo another visit when I'm in Edinburgh again. There were some animals that we didn't get to see because sometimes it's actually really hard to spot them haha. I would also like to note that I fell madly in love with the little black monkey (5th photo) and I will not be satisfied in life until I can own one and treat him like my best friend.


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  1. Lovely photos, sounds like a great day!