Scotland | Around Edinburgh


We spent nine days in the city of Edinburgh, which was mostly spent sightseeing and shopping. We went to lots of beautiful and interesting places such as the Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Yacht Brittania, Holyrood House and many others too. However, one of the things I loved the most was simply walking around the streets of Edinburgh. From the street entertainers to the quirky little stalls and shops; I even got to hold an owl (which was much heavier than you would think an owl would be). 

My mum, my aunt and I were also lucky enough to attend two concerts at the Edinburgh Castle; Lionel Richie and Boyzone. My mother is the biggest Lionel Richie fangirl I've ever seen, so it was nice seeing her enjoy it so much. I had an amazing time at both concerts too even though they're not the usual type of music I listen to. And thankfully, it didn't rain on the nights of both concerts which seemed like a miracle!


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