Scotland | Edinburgh - Portabello Harbour


One of the first places we went to once we got to Edinburgh was the Portabello Harbour. It was actually quite a nice and sunny day so we were really lucky haha. We first stopped for some tea at one of the cafes while we were waiting for my brother to come meet us. Once my brother arrived, we walked by the beach, spent some time in the games room, and then had lunch at another cute restaurant - where I ate one of the best burgers I've ever tasted.

It was such a simple and relaxing afternoon but it was just perfect. Before we left, Jake and I walked towards the sea and he actually found some seashells haha. Fortunately for us, it only started raining as soon as we were about to leave. My brother and I both decided to get a hot chocolate as we were leaving which was topped with cream and marshmallows, and it made our car ride back home a whole lot better.


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